Drew & Therese

Engagement sessions don’t have to be all “look here and smile”. There will be a little bit of that, but truly, just like your wedding day, it should feel like you and give you a fun memory. I’ve had some great conversations with Drew and Therese about how important the feeling of photos are and the importance of being in¬†the moment for everything we do, or at least try to. Presence vs. pretend. Anyways, those conversations lead us here, in Minocqua, at a place that already holds so many memories for them and their families (and will hold many more on their wedding day and throughout their lives!) We felt beyond lucky and thankful the rest of that week because of them and because this job really does put us in front of awesome people like Drew, Therese and his parents and friends. Drew and Therese mesh so well. Their banter and how they encourage fun and the best experience for other person was really cool to see and photograph.

Thank you for the hospitality and making us feel like instant friends in your neck of the woods! We cannot wait to come back next year! <3

Meet: Drew & Therese!




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