If you have your people around you, if you have a space where you're comfortable and an outfit that you can hug and dance and embrace it all in, you have everything you need to have that party, to take those photos and to document your memories. They are your memories & they should feel like you, not like the staged stuff we see sometimes, those belong to other people. We're here for the real, the you is the most important piece for peace and fulfillment. 

Memory making & experiences above all else

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You know when it feels like you can just be comfortable and create? I felt that with Erin, Jesse and the sunshine this night! They hope to have a down to Earth wedding, with warmth and celebration and I felt that for them here too. They are down to Earth, full of warmth and you […]

Jesse & Erin

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Grace & Matt grew up on the same lake and spent summers doing things just like this. In Grace and I’s first email correspondence, she mentioned words like “lake Grandmother” for their wedding vision, she said their favorite days are waking up early, packing PB & J’s for the boat or cramming their favorite people […]

Matt & Grace

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Andrew & Alexis A day in the life with Andrew and Alexis. I love shoots like this because they document who they are, what they love, right in this moment in time. They’ll look back on these photos and remember the times they walked their dog to the rainbow boats, enjoyed the waves and chatted […]

Andrew & Alexis

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Izzy & Dylan are engaged and busy chasing their dreams! They wanted to pause and enjoy this season of their lives, then wrap up some huge life accomplishments, then get married, then continue to spend the rest of their lives laughing and being themselves. In high school, these two actually met on top of a […]

Izzy & Dylan

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It has been one of the most beautiful summers in Waupaca! Caleb & Nicole are golf course playing, old fashioned drinking, lake playing, Wheelhouse locals and pineapple pizza loving people. They planned a little date night and I tagged along to document this special season of life as a engaged couple! <3 We can’t wait […]

Caleb & Nicole

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Ellie & Andrea I have been waiting for an opportunity to serve the LGBTQ+ community with photos and it. finally. happened with Ellie and Andrea. Thank you both for your trust and friendship, your relationship is so special and it was beautiful to document. The sunlight and their love shined so bright!!! Can’t wait for […]

Ellie & Andrea

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Kieran & Allison Engaged and so very ready for a lineup of adventures. Life should be lived fully at all stages of life, not just when we reach retirement age or hoping on the “next” opportunity because the timing isn’t right. If there’s a will, there’s a way to live the life you truly hope […]

Kieran & Allison

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Nick & Brittany To know them is to love them, that’s the vibe I instantly got from Nick and Brittany <3 They are just out for a good time and are SO happy to be able to do it together. They are warm and playful and inviting and are just down right good people. We […]

Nick & Brittany

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Hunter & Olivia No better place to have engagement photos taken than at your Grandma’s house! It felt like a little fairytale during my time with Hunter and Olivia <3 The reflection on the pond, the glowing sunshine, the willow tree where her brother was married and grandma’s flowers still in bloom after a great […]

Hunter & Olivia