Hi! I’m Molly and my best day is bringing a frozen pizza and Settlers of Catan (if you know, you know) out on the pontoon. Matt and I grew our first garden this year and had some success in tomatoes and peppers. He handles the vegetables, I grow the flowers and we both agree that the best seat in the house is outdoors. 

It's nice to meet you!

 Matt & Molly

It just wouldn't be an about page without him

The story telling made me fall for weddings right away. Showing up to document genuine happenings and having the ability to save them, to create a keepsake of loved ones, it made my soul super happy so that's the direction I went. I take care of myself and my clients by paying attention to my schedule, limiting what I say "yes!" to so that all of me can be in the moment with you. I sneak in sessions for past couples and families when I can and it has been the most humbling thing to witness and photograph these continuing stories.

Our editing has evolved to a place that matches what we practice, natural and lasting. I'm inspired by drawers of old photos and hope to bring that sort of timelessness to our generation too.

On my mind

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