Chandan & Kristen

Chandan & Kristen: A colorful mix of traditions and the most fun with friends & family, Appleton, WI

Chandan and Kristen planned their wedding in a few short months and from the first minute I met her, I knew they A. could completely pull it off! and B. They would be some of the most welcoming and excited people ever. I knew it would be a great one with some great people and that. it. was. It was important that they mixed their traditions together to represent their backgrounds and beliefs, and they did a beautiful job. Kristen wore her traditional gown for church, but there was no shortage of color to compliment the gorgeous saris that were worn by gorgeous women on Chandan’s side. Kristen wore henna, changed into a sari, and they served favorite foods from both backgrounds. It was all very sweet and thoughtful.

We took a trip to Bay Beach mid-day to hop on the Ferris wheel, too! Kristen and Chandan go here ever year for Kristen’s birthday. They love the way Bay Beach takes care of the community by keeping their ticket prices low (still .25 cents!) and providing just such a fun space for adults to be kids and for kids to be kids. It was a great stop <3! I love their zest, the way they include everyone, the way they have fun and how they are all in with whatever they do. Thank you both for having us, it was the best time!!

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