Matt & Gaby

Matt & Gaby: Sweetest fall day at Round Lake Farms, Brillion, WI

The focus of Matt and Gaby’s relationship was never this day, it was always about a life beyond the wedding and all that they have to look forward to. A life of both traveling across the world and of hanging at home in cozy clothes with their cats. There’s a lot of hype around a wedding day and I know that they celebrated exactly how they hoped to, surrounded by family and friends (some of whom were able to make it from across the globe!) at Round Lake Farms, a new space in Brillion, WI that offered an elegant lodge space and charming waters out back. The flowers were bright and light, matching the whole feeling of the day (Ebb & Flow, we always love working with you!) Guests could enjoy cocktails on the patio, play yard games and walk the docks. It was super lovely. We are so happy that your wedding day was the perfect dive into this life you’re so looking forward to together <3 Cheers to you both and all that’s to come!!! You know I adore you!

Meet: Matt & Gaby, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson!:




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