If you have your people around you, if you have a space where you're comfortable and an outfit that you can hug and dance and embrace it all in, you have everything you need to have that party, to take those photos and to document your memories. They are your memories & they should feel like you, not like the staged stuff we see sometimes, those belong to other people. We're here for the real, the you is the most important piece for peace and fulfillment. 

Memory making & experiences above all else

Welcome to the blog

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We LOVE the Hermus family!!! It was the biggest honor to head to their home to take some photos celebrating baby Jacob and his homecoming. They are all under one roof for the first time since Jacob became part of this wild world, and everyone is adjusting so, so wonderfully. Jacob is SO content, showed […]

Welcome Home, Jacob!

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Holy smokes! I am wiping the dust off this blog after a few weeks of absence on social media! It was a much needed little leave, and because of it, I feel even more giddy about sharing some New Year newness with you. An obvious reason for the time away has been the holidays! Something […]

New Year Newness!

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THE NEWEST ADDITION TO THE KLEIN + HIETPAS FAMILY This “off season” has presented so many different and fun opportunities to learn and grow creatively and as a person. Sure, we are always growing and learning, but these past few months have challenged me to think a little differently and work with other outcomes in […]

Jaden Patrick

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THE NEWEST ADDITION TO THE VAN ABEL + HARTJES CLAN Wilfred Randolph was born on 2/12 and it was such a blessed day! We got a phone call around noon that day, saying that Maggie was at the hospital and their little one would be arriving that day. It was the best phone call ever and […]

Wilfred Randolph

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I LOVE CHRISTMAS! With living on our own this past year, it is extra exciting to fill this space with cozy things that feel like home. Bring the holidays into the mix, and you bet the second Thanksgiving ended, our little apartment was filled with twinkling lights, pine scented candles, spruce garland, whimsy ornaments and we even […]

Felted Garland : A Holiday Decor DIY

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I wrote a post last year at this time, and the year before that. As families hang together and eat way too much, this time of year makes us think about what we love and what we lost, mostly. When thinking about the holidays this year, I can’t help but to selfishly think about loss […]

I am Thankful for…

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Photographers, Welcome to the heart of busy season! For a lot of us, we are halfway into our season and starting to feel the heat. The long work weekends, the to-do lists, the edits and edits and edits, the e-mails and messages, the sessions and scheduling, questions and inquires, they all seem to float in […]

Halfway : Onward!

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Holy MOLY! We have been published in PRINT! There’s something about seeing your photos on a magazine spread, on news stands, ready and waiting for brides to look at and be inspired. You can find Maison and Caleb’s big day featured in the “real weddings” section! And while you’re at it, check out Wisconsin Bride […]

Published – Wisconsin Bride Magazine, July Issue

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Patrick and Janna have opened a new door into Molly Jo Collection, anniversary and love sessions! This duo has been married for four wonderful years and photographing their love was a reminder that aside from the beauty of a wedding day, the promise and the days that come after are also ones to cherish. It’s […]

Patrick + Janna – Anniversary Session