10 Years!

10 whole years of Molly Jo Collection, likely barefoot and on a step stool in your living room. Where has the time gone? Instead of saying it flew by (it both did and didn’t) I really wanted to take some time to sit with this. The time has gone to both you and me, you grew up with me and I with you.

You let me in when it was personal. You invited me in to read your vows and put on your wedding dress, a few of you even let me in during the birth of your first baby. You introduced me to your grandma and you reached out to let me know a family member had passed, giving thanks for the photo memories and asking for help locating those pictures. You let me tie your bowties (or YouTube it so we can do it together, bowties are hard) and pin your boutonnieres. I grew by being a fly on your wall, personally and professionally. I noticed how you led and how you leaned, how you showed your gratitude and I loved seeing you feel that gratitude in your bones. It has been beautiful to see from my side and I always leave weddings and shoots with a better life perspective. You brought me around the world, shared your homes and cottages and favorites places with me and that brought me experiences, happiness and connected us for life.

I let you in when it was personal. You were there for me too. It would be impossible to have it all together from 23 – 33 years old, I lost myself and found myself more than once and I bet you did too during these ages, and we’ll do it again and again because life is that way. You showed up for me, hugged me, gave me grace, sent me thank you and holiday cards, wrote me notes on social media to lift me up and your mom might have even wrote me too. You didn’t know that I needed them, but there were and will always be days when confidence wavers, I love these messages.

Photography is personal and I didn’t know that 10 years ago, but it’s most definitely what made me stick around. Most of my memories aren’t a particular photo snap, it’s you! Thank you for growing up with me, it will never be lost on me how important and special this all is <3


Extra thanks always to the helpers you see above! Liz who sweat it out with me during many 90 degree summers, I love our friendship <3 Leah, I needed you most. Friends who second shot with me here and there, you’re awesome. My mom who teaches me about all that spreadsheet stuff and who says yes to my assembly line days. My dad for keeping my life light and funny, his humor is with me everywhere and has always been a necessity for me to do my best. The magic school bus that showed up to push us out of the snowbank before a proposal. My husband Matt for actually everything, I know he’s your favorite and I’m one million percent cool with that. You think we’d be better at photo booths by now… the most recent booth above certainly proves otherwise 😉





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