Luke & Leah

Married in MEXICO with 80 of their closest friends and family. You read that right… 80 people traveled to Fiesta Americana in Puerto Vallarta to celebrate Luke and Leah, and that goes to show just how loved these two are (and how badly WI people need the beach). These photos only represent one day of fun, but the entire week was filled with good times and so many memories for the memory bank, a big thanks to Luke and Leah for that. They were all in, ALL week, saying yes to tequila tasting tours and excursions, inviting friends and family to their suite for sunsets, making big dinner reservations on the resort and hosting a welcome party. They gave each guest gift bags and made sure everyone knew how appreciated their presence was all week. We could feel how grateful they were to be in a place they loved with the people they loved!

Pictures always tell the story better than words, so here you have it, Luke and Leah’s wedding day in Puerto Vallarta where the dance floor was full, the tequila was flowing and hearts were filled to the brim. Do yourselves a favor and scroll all the way to the end… these crazy kids even jumped in the pool!! <3 Thank you for the memories, everyone!!!

Hair stylist: The ever so amazing Chelsea, local to Appleton, WI –





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