Noah & Lindsay

Wedding at Lakeside Inn, Michigan

It was a celebration for Lindsay, Noah and the hydrangea. Lindsay owns a flower shop in Chicago (shout out to Cornell Florist for their jaw-to-the-grass creativity) and we loved that she chose perennial flowers so she could plant them in their yard post wedding. We were lucky enough to stay the weekend at the Inn with the wedding crew and it was one of our favorite experiences of the year. They had wine and a bag of essentials in each hotel room to greet guests, they planned welcome drinks and breakfast smorgasbords each morning. People had coffee on the front porch swings and made the trek down the steps when they were called to the lake.

The wedding day began with comfy clothes and flowers. Lindsay made boutonni√®res in the kitchen and bouquets on the front porch. She wore the same wedding head piece her mom wore, and my gosh, was her moms presence felt during the ceremony. The sunshine popped out right as the processional began, and the sun rays created little rainbows in their images. It was very special! We visited the lake after the ceremony and again at sunset because we couldn’t get enough. Noah and Lindsay ran to the sand both times and the purest of pure joy ran through all of us! The wooden floors were full of beautiful scuffs from all the dancing and it’s unbelievable how many memories were made in the walls of the old Inn.

We sure felt grateful and creative and at home in a place like this. Enjoy their wedding day story in photo form!

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