Our Wedding Story

A year ago!

We were sitting on the couch in the morning at home. We just made some big life changes and we felt really proud of ourselves for how limitless our lives were shaping up to be. This was the morning we decided, together, to get married! We had burnt grilled cheese and tomato soup (because too amped up), stopped for some disposable cameras (because fun) then went to the courthouse, picked up a marriage license and gave copies to our families during Christmas (because spontaneity)

We loved the reactions <3 We had moonshine and Matt found his wedding outfit. Moonshine and outfit thanks to brother Kevin!

Then one of the sweetest weeks happened!

Our neighbors called us to go to a campfire down the street, we were tricked! They picked us up in a covered wagon with “just married” signs and shots of cherry pie. We walked into a “surprise wedding”

The brothers planned an impromptu Bachelor party of ice fishing and cards and we all went to watch the Packers.

We put together some decorations, went ring shopping at our parents houses, booked hotel rooms and began our wedding diet (cheese curds and old fashioneds, strictly)

New Years Eve, wedding eve!

New Years Day!

My mom came over in the AM. She was sweet enough to put together something old, new, borrowed and blue. We got ready, took some photos, and met our immediate families at the Nauti Turtle (our fave supper club in town) Courthouses were closed, so the judge met us there. We had drinks, made our promises, said our vows on the dock, ate steak and panko haddock, danced a bit and went to the Hotel to play cards and hang. I cried a lot this day so get ready for that.



Breakfast with a view and Taylor, our fearless Sunday Funday leader.


We went to Costa Rica and stayed for 3 months. We taught art classes at a local school, hung out with family, met new friends, tried new food (and spicy margaritas), went to new places. A bucket list thing for us!

“Party on the Point”

We are summer people and if I were to close my eyes and dream up the best day, it would be renting a cabin, lakeside, tents and campers, spend time with our parents and sibs, see aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. Decorate with string and Christmas lights and mom-made banners, eat pizza or from a food truck, don’t wear shoes, wear whatever you want, and just have fun without a big agenda. We wanted to hug and visit with everyone and truly thank them for supporting us. We were able to do this right on our street, it was very Wisconsin and we loved it. We had a lot of best days leading up to the party, but this really was a day we still talk about all the time. We’re happy we didn’t let the opportunity pass 🙂



It happened in a way that felt comfortable and fun for us and I’m here to say that you can do whatever you want for your wedding/marriage/celebration. If a traditional wedding speaks to you, do that. If a party on the lake with Christmas lights sounds fun, do that. Have just immediate family, have everyone, have a destination wedding or plan a destination for two after. Be formal or not formal. Share your photos and memories the day after or a year later when you’re ready, or keep them for just you.

It wasn’t a breeze and I think this is a good place to be transparent about that. This year was an emotional one with all of this, we had a blast but had our hard days too. After lots of reflection and asking myself “what are you feeling and why”, I’m also wanting to share that it’s OKAY to feel whatever you need to before or after marriage or a wedding, milestones, big choices, making plans or change in general and you’re not alone in that. For past couples and those planning, I learned that a lot of feelings can share space at the same time and that. is. just. fine. Happiness will show up when you listen to yourself, trust in yourself and your process <3

Happy holidays and New Year to you all, thanks for being part of this corner of our world, and thank you for your love and support in 2021!

Matt & Molly


To our vendor friends, thank you for pulling through for us! 

New Years Day: Photography thanks to my pals Generations & Jessica Bedore (edited by me woo hoo) Flowers: Generations, Place: Nauti Turtle 

Party on the Point: Photography: Anda Marie (along with many disposable camera pics) & flower bunches thanks to Branching Out & Co.



  1. Wendy says:

    Just the best. Love you guys so much!

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