Matt & Marissa

Matt & Marissa

Matt & Marissa were married at the enchanting Mystic Ponds Estate, totally surrounded by nature and their loved ones! A favorite part was their first look and vows. There’s a walking trail around the pond of the property, and about half way through, a tunnel of trees hangs over that trail. A field to the left, water to the right, the sun right behind. Marissa met Matt in that tree tunnel, here is where they read one another their handwritten vows (his on engineering paper, so very them) and it was one of the most beautiful moments.

There was rain in the forecast for most of the day and it created quite a romantic mood as we moved through the hours. The beginning of the day, that hot Wisconsin summer feeling that we all know. The air was still, the water was calm, the atmosphere was quiet aside from birds singing and friends and family arriving, chatting about what a neat property and experience this is. The rain came in the afternoon, after photos and before the ceremony. Chairs moved upstairs to the loft, and Matt and Marissa were married by one of their very good friends! A cocktail hour of catching up and congrats followed, and following that, the sunshine came and a glow took over the barn, water and happy faces. There was a cheesecake bar, awesome people, beautiful flowers, and a couple ready to begin their marriage <3 It was such a great day with all of you!!

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