Hunter & Olivia

Hunter & Olivia

Hunter & Olivia put their personalities into their best day! Their laid back, easy going spirits lead them to a beautiful outdoor ceremony and a celebration at Badger State Brewing (Brewery weddings are always a good idea) With their best pals and close family by their sides, they had all the room in the world to be themselves and bask in a day so special. They were relaxed and ready to take on the day together. Hunter gifted Olivia an heirloom ring before she slipped into her A&Be Bridal dress (that was simply perfect for her) and that had everyone in tears. She wore the ring with her other heirloom rings that day, it all felt so connected <3

I love first looks for the idea that the couple gets to spend the whole day together! We hopped on a bus to a nearby park to spend time with the sunshine for photos. We took their engagement photos at Olivia’s grandma’s house last year, where the light was flooding in and the afternoon had just a bit of magic to it. It felt that same way here, like their family members in the sky were right there with them, orchestrating the loveliest of days. This crew was absolutely amazing and it’s been only a joy to hang with a lot of you this summer!!! Thank you, thank you!

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