Logan + Denise

Logan and Denise had a beautiful late summer wedding day. I pulled up to a home in South Milwaukee and was greeted with Denise’s mom in the yard waving her arms with the happiest smile on her face! She let me know I was at the right house and before I even got out of the car, we were raving at how amazing the weather was and how excited we were to get this day started. Denise and her mom are one in the same, both so filled with excitement and kindness and the easiest people to talk to. Before I even unloaded my gear and stepped into her home, I KNEW the day was going to be awesome. Their wedding day carried a vintage / lightly retro vibe all the way through, filled with timeless pieces starting with her lace gown and custom made wooden ring boxes. Photographing their details was too fun, especially when paired with their gorgeous wood flooring! What a dream!

The girls pulled up in a trolley, looking all sorts of gorgeous with their hair and makeup done and the most adorable floral robes. Denise walked in the door, hugged her mom, and expressed how grateful she was for the snacks on the table that were prepared, how wonderful the morning was, how much she loved the green trolly, and even handed me a bridesmaid tote bag with an “M” on it. Get out, she’s so cute. She just carries this breath of fresh air and her presence is always positive. (I might have a girl crush on Denise, you guys). The guys were hanging out on the Patio of the Polish Center. They were cracking jokes and were ready to be photographed! My kind of people. Logan waited for Denise around the corner before their first look, he was so excited and his reaction was priceless! From then on, every time he left Denise to talk to a friend or to grab a drink, he hugged and kissed her goodbye – even if he was only a few feet away. He adores her more than anything or anyone else. He looked at her with so much love in his eyes, and he couldn’t take those eyes off of his stunning wife.

The giggled and cried through their vows, so much so, that Logan couldn’t even say his out loud. He said the sweetest words, and saved his written piece of paper for later. She knows how much he loves her, and he knows the same. The reception was filled with yard games and cute chalkboard signs with details and words of encouragement, my favorite was: trust me, you can dance! And dancing they did, from the second the music started. Each table had their own wedding cake (you heard right, their OWN!!) and I loved watching Denise and Logan cut theirs. After a mini-food fight and lots of laughing, they cut pieces out and served them to their bridal party. A bride and groom who SERVE their wedding cake at their own wedding… my heart! They are too sweet.

As the night came to an end, they had just one photo request, which was to hop in the elevator and to recreate a photo that was taken on their parents wedding day – a little wave as the elevator doors closed. The perfect ending to a perfect wedding day, and a summary of just how wonderful and thoughtful they are. They lit up the room on their wedding night!

Meet: Mr. and Mrs. Ignatowski!:

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You incredible vendors, you!:
Bride’s dress: Sheena Solis Bridal // Groom/Groomsmen attire: JC Penney // Ceremony/Reception Location: Polish Center of Wisconsin // DJ: Allstar Entertainment // Cakes: Aggie’s Bakery // Invites: Hello Tenfold // Hair/Makeup: Vici Salon // Florals: Feisty Florals // Food: Jack Norman Catering // Cake Stands: BHLDN




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