Derek & Alissa

Derek & Alissa

Derek & Alissa celebrated their wedding day at Black Sheep Weddings & Events in Green Bay, WI! It was our first time at this venue, and we always love when everything is at one location. More hugs, more time, more of the good stuff. I loved checking in on them separately, before their first look. They were both writing notes to one another, a letter for one and vows for another. They both laughed at the things they meant to do beforehand, but got caught up in their people and the excitement of the week. We learned about their story from words spoken by family and friends, and how people were giving Derek a hard time on a “longer proposal”. But, they all admitted, that once he found his person, he’d be all in. They are all in! They are both thoughtful, and kind, and you could feel everyone rooting for them <3




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