Connor & Bekah

Connor & Bekah

Connor and Bekah are two people you just want to to be around! They had a way of making everyone feel important, they spent time, had conversations, laughed and made memories with their people, while still putting one another first. I feel this is exactly who they are outside of their wedding day too. Their reception was at Lambeau Field, which was a great memory and experience in and of itself. Watching guests walk through the atrium, look up and around with huge smiles, was really neat to see. In between the ceremony and reception, we pulled into the Lambeau parking lot where Bekah had a surprise tailgate all set up for Connor <3 It was the most fun to see his face when he saw what was going on.

(Dresses – The the Knot Bridal, Bekah works here and her picks were beyond!)

It was a great day with great people!




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