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If you have your people around you, if you have a space where you're comfortable and an outfit that you can hug and dance and embrace it all in, you have everything you need to have that party, to take those photos and to document your memories. They are your memories & they should feel like you, not like the staged stuff we see sometimes, those belong to other people. We're here for the real, the you is the most important piece for peace and fulfillment. 

Memory making & experiences above all else

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Daniel & Lindsey Their moms are best friends and were forever rooting for Daniel & Lindsey! They shared car rides home from college and their friendship turned into something more. We went to the park right up the street from where they live, snapped a few photos on a bench that honored family members and […]

Daniel & Lindsey

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Sam & Meridith: Elopement style wedding in her family home, Darboy, WI Days like this need to happen more often! Sam & Meridith planned the simplest, sweetest day in her family home, the place where she grew up, her safe spot, where she’d get ready for high school dances. The were engaged for just a […]

Sam & Meridith

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Kyle & Sarah: A warm & golden November Day with friends & family, The Howard, Oshkosh, WI I love late fall – winter weddings because A. everyone is wanting something to look forward to that time of year! B. Long. sleeve. dresses <3 C. Golden hour during our main photo time and D. The chance […]

Kyle & Sarah

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Thibault Family Do you recognize these two?! A few summers back they celebrated their wedding day at Whistling Straights and it was pure bliss. Fast forward, pure bliss strikes again! They welcomed their son Henry this August. I felt honored to take Henry’s first professional photos <3 All is well for the Thibault family! It was […]

Thibault Family

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Joe & Hayley: The backyard bash surrounded by family, centered with love! Proof that no matter the circumstances, love will always come out on top! Plans changed last minute for Joe & Hayley. The road to this day was hard. The pandemic, the plans, I’m sure it felt like they were swimming upstream for a […]

Joe & Hayley

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Taylor & Brooke Dear everyone on earth. Take me to your family cottage and show me where you love to make memories <3 For Brooke & Taylor, it is Lakewood, WI. You can find them at Sweet Memories Candy Shop, hiking Cathedral of the Pines just a mile from the cottage (a special place for Brooke […]

Taylor & Brooke

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Brad & Lisa: Intimate Garden Wedding at The Paine Art & Gardens Brad & Lisa were married secret garden style at The Paine Art Center & Gardens, one of the most amazing local venues around here! They had plans to keep their wedding small and intimate from the very beginning. I love that they did what […]

Brad & Lisa

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Holschuh Family The Holschuh clan on their family farm <3 Buckle up, lots of cuteness and personalities below! Thank you for including me in this sweet little family outing, you guys!

Holschuh Family

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Peeters Family Derek & Lucy let their kids be in the moment and that’s what makes them a favorite family to photograph <3 Happy, sad, playing, crying, climbing, it’s all accepted and part of their day. They soothe and take a moment if it’s needed and they laugh and cheer when their kids show genuine […]

Peeters Family