Ryan & Kaitlyn

Ryan & Kaitlyn’s wedding will forever be ingrained in us as a beautiful memory, with beautiful people in a beautiful setting at Indian Point Manor. They had a Pickleball tournament the day before to kickoff “Camp Copeland”, a weekend full of togetherness, celebrations and nostalgia in Eagle River, WI. Seeing the wedding come together in such a natural way up north felt like one big deep breath. The kind of deep breath you feel in the morning air, with a cup of warm coffee while you watch the light hit the lake ripples. They cared about the things that felt important and fun to care about (the experience, their people and putting their talents to use!) and they embraced every moment with hugs and laughs and tears and conversations and dance moves. They pushed the furniture to the edges of the living room to create a dance floor after dinner, and I think we should normalize and feel the joy of simplicity in that.

We’ll be over here plotting how we can visit the Manor again, and until then, we will relive the space and the happiness through Ryan and Kaitlyn’s feel good day <3




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