Best Waupaca Wedding Venues

Finding a venue that fits you and your wedding hopes can feel like a big decision, and we get it. It’s more than just the building or space – it’s a place where you’ll host your closest family and friends and create some of your favorite memories. Feeling a connection with your venue is undoubtedly important, and we’re here to help simplify the process.

While we photograph all over Wisconsin (and the world!), the Waupaca area has a special spot in our hearts. Here are some one of a kind wedding venues for the couple looking for a laid back, sentimental, and outdoorsy vibe. Let’s dive in!


Clear Water Harbor

When I think about Waupaca I think about lakes. Clear Water Harbor is one of our favorite places to go as it gets you a front rowshow to the water. Host your intimate celebration in their “boat house” event space, or take your guests on a private boat cruise or cocktail hour, for your ceremony or for the entire wedding. The Chief Waupaca sternwheeler and the Lady of the Lakes motor yacht would be unique and ridiculously fun for you and your people!

Apple Tree Lane Bed & Breakfast

Make a weekend of it and bring your crew to this B&B! An 1880’s Victorian farmhouse situated on 7.5 acres with 400 feet of Crystal River frontage serves as a magical setting for your indoor or outdoor wedding. It just feels special and centered around family here.

Indian Crossing Casino

History on the water! This renovated casino holds its integrity with kept character and a new experience for everyone joining in your celebration. It is RIGHT on the water, you can’t get any closer without diving right in. Amazing food and an option to host your ceremony right on site. This one is cool, different and can hold a larger number of guests.

Crystal River Inn & Cottages

Tuck friends and family in cozy cottages and enjoy 11.5 acres of natural beauty. Get married right by the river and celebrate under a tent on site, giving your guests a beautiful 360 degree view of the space at all times. Plus, breakfast is included each morning for all overnight guests! 

Edenwood Ranch

Edenwood is located in Wautoma, quite close to Waupaca, but one million percent worth mentioning. Right on the water, charming and rustic lodges for your guests and space galore to host your party and make memories. Make a weekend of it, takeyour time setting up and enjoy the weekend to the absolute fullest here. Come back next year and the year after and the year after.

Caribou Bay Retreat

A hop, skip and a jump from Waupaca is Coloma and Caribou Bay Retreat. Retreat is the best word for this space. They have a dance hall and an outdoor ceremony space that holds endless possibilities. Take photos in the pines, on the trails, hop in the canoe, walk the trails, enjoy the untouched beauty and serenity of Caribou Bay!

Waupaca is special because nature does the decorating for you. Being around lakes, trails and trees has always felt centering and experience-filled, perfect for a memorable and joyful celebration! Keep your eyes peeled as we add to this list and expand on some of our favorite wedding venues in and around Waupaca. Comment below if you’ve attended a wedding or other event at any of these venues and let us know your favorite part of your experience!



  1. Lindsey says:

    Love Clearwater Harbor!!
    The Barn -Weyawega is great too! Intimate wedding space owned by an amazing past client of mine!

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