Thai & Rachel

Thai & Rachel: Lakeside & countryside colorful celebration photos, Elcho, WI

Rachel & Thai were married last year in their own backyard! They had a few immediate family members as witnesses with plans to celebrate with everyone this year. The world just wasn’t quite ready for big celebrations yet, so they made the call to keep it simple. On their rescheduled celebration weekend, they came up north instead to take some pictures and feel the love! I loved that they brought traditional Hmong clothing for photos as a way to connect to Thai’s family traditions. Rachel brought her BEAUTIFUL, embroidered dress to wear for the first time and had their florist make the most colorful bouquet she could come up with.

Color everywhere, family traditions, the lake and the north woods and her sister Robin to help. A simple little day with no expectations created some really fun memories and keepsakes. Their backyard wedding and this day felt just like Rachel and Thai and that’s one of the biggest things you hope for when planning a wedding celebration. It was a roundabout way to get there, but it felt true to them. A HUGE cheers to you both, you did it and we are all so happy for you!!

Meet: Rachel & Thai!!!




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