Spring Mini Marathon!

Spring Mini Marathon! 

Our spring Mini Session Marathon was full of picking dandelion bouquets, kids on shoulders to smell the flowering trees, sunshine, memories and catching up on life! I’ve photographed weddings for 6/7 of these families (the one I didn’t – HI JO! – is a great friend in the wedding industry and I’m going to use this post to share her planning business, because you need her, and I need her – https://wittandcoevents.com/) and that is super humbling. Photographing a couple during one chapter of their lives and photographing them again in another is honestly just really fun. These kids have some of the best parents on the planet! Thank you for playing along and playing with bubbles, singing songs and making faces behind my camera, for playing monster, for flipping your kids upside down and flying them in the sky to bring them joy. Thank you for dressing your kids in cute outfits (I know that in itself is hard), for pausing your schedule, rearranging swim class, for promising time at the park after, for making it work! Your support means the world <3 Cheers to YOU! Thank you!!

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