Nick & Dena

Nick & Dena: Wedding at the Maui Tropical Plantation, Waikapū, Hawaii

Buckle up everyone, you’re in for a sunshine day on Maui! Nick and Dena gave family and friends the opportunity to take the trip of a lifetime. While it wasn’t possible for everyone to make it (travel restrictions, etc.), they had an awesome group of 30 or so people join the fun, and will celebrate with everyone come June back here in WI! I’m going to hold back on talking about the entire week too much, but I’ll just say, it was full of rainbows, food trucks, waterfalls, beaches, late night dance parties in the kitchen followed by even later hangouts in the hot tub, cookouts on the balcony, hikes, all things Hawaii and memories we’re so thankful to have. So, thanks for that, Nick & D!

The morning of the wedding day, Dena woke up, put on her “follow your joy” tank top and enjoyed a slow morning of breakfast and mimosas with her mom, sisters and friends. Nick woke up and decided to take a 10 mile hike up a mountain. This is how they roll and understanding who they are makes SO Nick & Dena! The Maui Tropical Plantation was like nothing we’ve ever seen before! Rows of growing pineapples, palm trees, mountains and tropical flowers… not a bad ceremony backdrop 😉 They exchanged rings during a sweet ceremony and away we went to Dukes! We ate while the sun went down, took some beach photos and ate literally anything you could even think to crave. We walked back to the villas and did what we do best, put on swimsuits and sweatpants and danced in the kitchen.

Maui reunion and continuing the celebrations in June, we’re here for it! We are so happy for you two and we are all on board for annal anniversary trips 😉

Meet the newlyweds!!!:




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