Nick & Amanda

Nick & Amanda: Family Centered Ceremony & Celebration at Whistler’s Knoll

Nick & Amanda’s wedding day sure was something to be celebrated! This day was a long time coming and we’re so, so happy that it happened. It began in Amanda’s childhood home where she and her mom shared tears and moments of “is this real life?!” in the family sun room. We met Nick at church where he was spending time with his dad and little brothers, adjusting ties, exchanging well wishes and heartfelt notes. Nick and Amanda met at this church in middle school, it’s the place where Amanda has made every sacrament, and both of them were confirmed here together a week before they began dating. Their friendship grew before their relationship took off, and once they finally made it official, they never looked back <3

They remembered those who couldn’t be present with memory photos, a daisy in her bouquet, and a sweet song after some wonderful speeches! The amount of love they had and the love shared between all sides of their families was beyond special. I had no idea whose grandma was whose, who was a sister or a cousin or a best friend. They ALL created one big, tight knit group. So many memories were made running through the vineyards and dancing under those pavilion string lights at Whistlers Knoll! The last photo in the post says it all – the last snap of the night and Amanda’s genuine reaction to the day <3

Meet: Mr. and Mrs. Peters!!:




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