Mitch & Vivian

If you love traveling, the show “Friends”, sunflowers, breweries and water views, then keep on scrolling because this wedding has it all <3 Mitch & Vivian planned their wedding in 2020, and their day marks our very last “Covid reschedule”! Selflessly, they wanted to wait until Vivian’s family could travel to Wisconsin from China to celebrate. The wait was worth it to see the joy in her parents’ faces and to see their cultures and families mix together. They had treats and decorations from China and The States, and fittingly, a travel theme took place!! Globes, suitcases, in flight beverages, a ring bearer dressed as a pilot, a flight destination and departure board for seat assignments, and each table was labeled with a location related to their travels.

They say that people always remember the weather on their wedding day, and I think we’ll all remember Mitch & Vivian’s as the hottest day of the year, and one of the very sweetest too!

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