Kieran & Allison

Sharing Kieran & Allison’s wedding at Heritage Hill State Park! Their day included everything that is beautiful about September and their color choices both popped against the clouds and matched with the changing season. Allison and Kieran are typically on the move while they live life traveling out of a van (the best) and you could feel how happy everyone was to catch them mid-adventure to celebrate their marriage. I learned that Allison’s dad caught them on long phone calls as kids and in their vows, they both promised to meet the other person where they are at or in the middle, depending on what the situation would call for. I loved watching their parents react all day, both during their ceremony and while listening to kind words and stories from others. Witt & Co. held down the fort flawlessly, as she always does <3 Ginger Birch’s flowers were perfect for the season!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. McCabe!!:

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