Joe & Hayley

Joe & Hayley: The backyard bash surrounded by family, centered with love!

Proof that no matter the circumstances, love will always come out on top! Plans changed last minute for Joe & Hayley. The road to this day was hard. The pandemic, the plans, I’m sure it felt like they were swimming upstream for a lot of it. The beauty of it is the idea that love will¬†get them through anything. The love from their parents and sisters, it is unconditional. I could spend hours just talking about parents and family closeness, but I’ll just say that unconditional love and support has shined bright this year. Fast forward through some emotional days and changes in plans, and we found ourselves in Wrightstown at Joe’s parents home. A garden arch was placed in the backyard, wood folding chairs too. They had their families, they had the dress and suit, a patio for dancing, a garage for dining, they had each other! (If you know me, you know this is my kind of day ;))

The montra of the day was “let’s do the damn thing!!” and the damn thing they did, and it was a blast. Love you Joe and Hayl, forever celebrating your love story!!! <3




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