Dom & Abbi

Dominic & Abigail

Dom and Abbi danced their way though their wedding day! All of the energy, joy, thoughtfulness, personality, it was all SO Dom and Abbi. It couldn’t be ignored just HOW “Dom & Abbi” this day was, and that is what made it so memorable. You could see it on their faces and feel it in your heart, just how happy they were/are.

Their storybook is already so full of life and love together, but having a day to share with friends and family is exactly what they hoped for. It was about everyone having fun and feeling life; tossing confetti and dancing with glow sticks, enjoying any flavor of ice cream and having popcorn with cocktail hour, a DJ that was unforgettable and who masters in pyrotechnics (fireworks inside, need I say more?) and a choreographed first dance that made the crowd go wild. Speeches from friends and family let us in on who they are, individually and as a couple, and left us wanting to be just a little more like Dom and Abbi. Their wedding was so full of life just like they are. They created an experience¬†for everyone as one huge gesture of showing their favorite people how appreciative they are. There are many ways to show love and appreciation, and it was so “Dom & Abbi” to show love in this way! We will always remember these memories, thank you for letting us share in it!! <3

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