Cottage Days

Rethinking family “portraits” this summer, because there is so much beauty in what’s naturally happening right where you are. Barefoot and hammock hopping in the front yard, and your kids burying your feet in the sand with sand toys lakeside, those are beautiful family portraits. Your kids can be playing as they usually do, while grandma helps the remote control car stay on track and shoots basketballs with you, and grandpa blows bubbles your direction and puts a worm on your fishing hook, those are beautiful grandparent portraits. Your dog “photo bombs”, but I always secretly hope to catch a tail or nose in the foreground or background, they make beautiful portraits of your dog.

If you’re in the Lake Winneconne, Lake Poygan, Partridge Lake, Chain O’ Lakes, Wild Rose, Fremont, Waupaca or surrounding areas, we’d love to photograph you being you at the cottage <3






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