Logan + Morgan

Logan & Morgan: A Sunny November Day at Brighton Acres, Oshkosh, WI

This day and these people!!!!! <3 Logan and Morgan, I’ll forever say it, are the epitome of absolutely, positively wonderful people. Sweet, caring, funny, easy going, they are people you instantly want to be around. They are home from their adventurous honeymoon (while I’m not exactly sure where they ALL went, Thailand and be-friending elephants was involved, soooo…. <3) and while they were away, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the reveal of their wedding pictures. There was so much love here.

These two are in the process of renovating a barn of their own (it’s stunning) so it made so much sense to host their big celebration at Brighton Acres in Oshkosh, a renovated barn venue! You never know what November weather will bring, but luckily, they caught the sunniest, dreamiest day. The air was crisp, the sunset and dusky light was stunning for pictures, the leaves were mostly fallen making for a colorful blanket on the ground, the mums were bright, the string lights twinkled, and happy guests danced and laughed and loved in celebration! Logan tapped his heart and looked to his parents and bridal party before Morgan turned the corner, hand wrapped around her dad. Grandpa said “Hey Morgan!!” as she was walking down the aisle and tears turned to laughter to give the ceremony the greatest start. Their vows were funny and heartfelt as they promised to travel together, be there and enjoy this life and this great love.

Fast forward through some of the sweetest photos ever taken, to the amazing speeches, first dances (Morgan’s Dad’s best man joined in on that too, it was the best), to the lantern send off. My gosh, that lantern send off. I’m still laughing and I bet everyone involved is too! The lanterns were lit and ready for flight. “One, two, three, let go!!” happened, and they all went tumbling to the ground. Que groomsmen chasing fire, Morgan practically rolling in the grass because she was laughing so hard, and so many bodies scrambling in a field with so much willingness to make this work! We all had tears from the belly laughs and it wouldn’t have been better any other way! What a DAY <3

Meet: Mr. and Mrs. Dorow!!:




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